Equipped for National and international ministry

By the grace of God we will strive to reach out with the gospel throughout our community, London, the UK and the world by any means necessary, using media and every available means of communication. To have a people trained, prepared and equip for ministry, by helping them discover, develop and deploy their God given gifts and talents. Matthew 28:19-20. 2 Timothy 2:15.


Winning Souls for Jesus is the heartbeat of God the Father. Through the preaching of the gospel, witnessing, worship, and the Arts.

Our aim is to get every member and children involved in evangelism. Each member is encouraged to participate. Not everyone is an avid speaker, but everyone can be a witness or hand-out tracks. Matthew 24:14.


It is our aim that every member, at least once in their lifetime, go on a short or long term mission trip overseas.


The prophet Joel prophesied that in the last days God will pour out of his spirit upon all flesh, this includes little children. We believe that God is raising up children while they are still very young to do the work of Christ. Joel 2:28.

Other churches and Ministries

Jesus prayed that we may all be one, as He is one with His father. We constantly strive to work with and alongside other churches and Ministries with the same goal and belief, to advance the kingdom of God. We believe that by coming together and working in unity, God commands his blessings on us and we will experience a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:1-2 Psalm 133.


To set up Christian education. Establish nurseries and schools for all races and social backgrounds, implementing traditional Christian values with a holistic approach to education, dealing with the whole person by providing our students with a clear value system developing strong character.

Vision overview

Upward Vision : loving and pleasing God.

Inward Vision : Transform into Christ likeness.

Outward Vision : impacting all people with the love and power of Jesus Christ.